The headliner and staple to every Wipeout Arena event. The arena itself is a combination of; Drop Zone, Steep Slope, Bash'n Dive, Obstacle Run & Jelly Mountain.

Drop Zone

Are you brave enough to launch yourself from our Drop Zone? Throw yourself through the window like a human cannonball and try to hit the target!

Participants must be over 1.2m

See how fast you can go on our steep and deep inflatable slope. For those who make it to the top, the only way is down… and fast!

This one is exactly what is says on the tin: bash and dive your way over, under, through and round our hurdles, tunnels and battering rams!

Looking for an adventure that even Bear Grylls would be proud of? Our Obstacle Run will put your climbing abilities to the test, and it’s up to you how you tackle it!

Slip or slide, bounce or climb… how will you battle your way to the peak of our Jelly Mountain? Hint: it’s not as easy as it looks – but still plenty of fun!

Enter the Bash Attack arena to experience the joy of bashing or dodging anything inflatable that comes in your way, because it’s full of air and battering rams… your loudest warrior shout is optional!

Our younger bouncers can enjoy their own dedicated Junior Jungle, with plenty of jumping fun and slides among the animals to make sure even our smallest visitors don’t miss out on all the action!

Challenge your friends and family to our revolving Cyclone Jump, keeping everyone on their toes. Who will be the first to be knocked off their platform? Don’t let it be you!

A popular challenge for all the right reasons – don’t let our wrecking ball wreck your style, by making sure you’re the last one left on the platform when the ball swings your way.

Anyone remember Gladiators being on TV and dream of battling Wolf or Jet? This is your chance to step up to the Duel platform, knock down your partner, and be the real champion of the leisure centre!

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